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Heavy duty steel hexagonal roller barrel?
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Automatic safety Brake?
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Aluminium insulated profiles?
Bottom profile safety edge?
Rubber weather strip?
90db audible alarm system?
2 x one press open & close system handsets?
Control panel with courtesy light?
Comprehensive 5 year warranty?
Plastic end plates
Open canopy, hood costs extra
Round plastic barrel
Chinese electric motor
No safety brake
Plastic guide rails
55mm aluminium profiles
No safety edge hold to close functionality?
Thin rubber edge
No alarm system
Hold to close handsets?
Control panel?
1 year limited warranty

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Simply incredible service from the guys over at GDS, polite and friendly, carrying the job through with a smile. Was an absolute pleasure to have them help sort my garage out and it looks amazing, I’m shocked at how good it looks. Thank you so much guys. Special shout out to Jamie and Christian, two impeccable professionals that really know how it’s done.

Adam O’Neill

We were very impressed with Jamie and his associates, they were very friendly and efficient, and fitted our new electric roller door in record time. We would definitely recommend their services as we are delighted with our new purchase.

Sally Morgan

Very pleased with our new made to measure roller garage door. Great service from start to finish. Thank you, Garage Door Solutions.

Rob McCall

So happy with our new roller garage door – the product and service from Jamie are excellent. Jamie is so friendly and professional, it made Garage Door Solutions the easy choice.

Fiona Russell

Excellent service and product from the guys at Garage Door Solutions, They replaced an ancient up and over door with a modern roller door for our garage, they were punctual, pleasant and fast – 2 hours to remove and refit. They even took away the old door for me. Highly recommended.

Ken Hayward

Excellent service from start to finish! Efficient, reliable and trustworthy. Would highly recommend Jamie and the team.

Angharad Hunt

How Garage Doors Are Measured And Fitted Throughout The South West and Wales

In particular, most garage spaces, if not open areas, require garage doors to secure the items within. Whereas your garage space does not necessarily have to be a place where you park your car.

But can also function as a room. Above all the type of door, you install will be incredibly important.

With this in mind, this article will discuss various types of garage doors. Subsequently, these are commonly installed in houses across the United Kingdom. For the purpose of, this article will discuss each specification.

Therefore any other pertinent information regarding the doors subsequently, the benefits or disadvantages that users must be cautious of.

For the purpose of this information, you can make an informed decision. As a result of which garage door will suit your space the best. So without further delay, the four types of garage doors are as follows.

For example, Automatic electric, roller (insulated and non-insulated), side hinged, and sectional.

Electric Garage Doors

To illustrate Electric garage doors or more accurately, electrically operated automatic garage doors. Come with an electric motor attached to the garage door as well as a control system.

Furthermore, this control system is responsible for the opening and closing of the garage door automatically. While the motor powers this particular function.

As a result, accompanying these two is a mechanism that connects them to the door itself. Which then allows for the door to open and close automatically, or whenever a button is pressed.

However, despite this setup. An electric garage door needs to be able to operate manually in case of power outages.

Integrated safety features

Therefore, electric garage doors can operate even when there is no power to the motor itself. You may also be able to install an automation system for your existing garage door.

Provided that you hire a professional to do this properly for if it has not been correctly set up. As a result, you will be compromising on the safety and security of your premises.

Because this type of garage door can have multiple benefits for users. For example, electric garage doors, when installed professionally, can heighten the security of your space.

Because your door does not depend on manual locks completely. You don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in when you are not home.

Electric garage doors are also more convenient, as you don’t have to manually pull them open (unless the power is out!). As a result, making maintenance easier as well.

Moreover, electric garage doors now come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Especially allowing you to choose one that aesthetically pleases you best.

However, electric garage doors are also prone to some complicated maintenance issues. For instance, that may arise with fluctuating power to the motor. These may lead to further problems in operation, and fixing them may require professional expertise.

Roller Garage Doors

To begin with a roller garage door is typically made from steel, aluminium or other similar alloys. It is constructed using single slats of the material that are all fitted with one another in a manner that when the door is opened. The slats wrap over one another i.e. roll closed.

So usually, roller garage doors open and close vertically. And so barely compromise the space within or outside the garage. They are also perhaps the most versatile of all the doors in terms of their installation.

For example, they can be fitted inside, outside, or in between the opening of the garage.

For the most part, roller garage doors are constructed upon order according to the measurements provided by the client. Such as the length and width of the door frame.

They are typically not noisy when being opened or closed, and can also be quite secure depending on how they are installed.

Like other types of garage doors, these can also be automated. And come in simple but appealing designs that pretty much go with all sorts of architectural designs.

Subsequently, there are two major types of roller garage doors; insulated and non-insulated or single-layer.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

As the name itself suggests, an insulated roller garage door is one that has another layer of a type of insulation material. Making this a double-layer garage door. Such doors ideally have some kind of padding to the inner surface of the garage door.

This insulation material can be made out of two components, such as polystyrene and polyurethane. While the former is a more economical option, the latter is better in performance.

And requires a spray of a certain binding agent after which the insulator material is applied.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of insulated roller garage doors is well, insulation. This is quite useful for those living in extreme weather conditions.

Allowing them to regulate the temperature inside their garage spaces. Additionally, the insulation in your garage also regulates the temperature of your entire house.

Keeping you home efficient

For example, if the garage is colder, all the hot air from other rooms will rush to this space. Making the rest of the rooms somewhat colder. However, if your garage space is more heated.

It will be harder to cool the rest of your house in an energy-efficient fashion.

Insulation also offers more durability to your roller garage doors from small accidents. Take, for example, children playing outside on their small bicycles.

Which upon contact with a single-layer or non-insulated door. Will sustain more damage in comparison in the form of bumps and scratches.

Lastly, insulation also offers some level of soundproofing. This allows you to make it into a sanctuary of sorts for studying, practising your hobbies.

Or enjoying some quiet time with yourself or with your partner. The insulation thus enables you to create a much more liveable space inside your garage.

However, the insulation itself can be relatively more expensive. And often requires a professional to come and install the system for you.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

The name is self-explanatory; side hinged garage doors are those that swing open from one end. While the other is attached to the frame of the door.

These usually swing open outside, therefore must be pulled back from the outside. Or pushed forwards from the inside of the garage.

These doors are a more traditional type of garage door, which is now available in a wide variety of materials. As well as styles to suit your preferences.

The most common material used is timber. However, it is essential to know which type of timber is being used. i.e. high quality “cedar-wood” as opposed to redwood or softwood timber.

However, side hinged garage doors are also made in steel, and can also be bought already assembled. To be installed by yourself upon arrival. This makes these types of garage doors quite accessible and easy to work with.

Using steel for your door

The advantage of using steel for your side hinged garage doors. Is that it is a material that relatively requires less maintenance and care as opposed to timber.

However, timber remains a popular choice as it gives a very stylish and decadent look. To your home’s exterior and may even improve your home’s overall market value.

All side hinged garage doors can only be set up once a frame is set up prior. The steel frames are recommended over the timber ones as the material is more resilient to wear and tear caused by weather.

When ordering a side-hinged garage door for your space. It is important to be clear about which measurements are being requested. This means that you shall need to look out for either the overall frame width or the internal frame width.

For the best results, you should carefully measure both widths and send them to the manufacturer.

There are multiple guides available online to help you take the measurements yourself accurately. Alternatively, there are also options to have an expert visit the premises and take the measurements for you.

But making them yourself is fairly easy once clear instructions are provided.

Easy access to your garage

One of the most significant advantages to having a side-hinged garage door is that it provides easy access to space. And can be very convenient as opposed to the other types described above.

You can also save time when rushing to work or an event, as you do not have to wait for the entire door to open.

Which is the case for roller and electric garage doors?

Side-hinged doors are also reasonably quiet and can fit almost any type of door frame. Compared to the other types of doors, they are also a lot easier to automate and are versatile in their design and styling.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages for them as well.

The first issue with side hinged doors is that they can be particularly heavy and thus be somewhat difficult to open manually. Moreover, there are certain situations in which the side hinged garage door is not suitable to use.

Such as having a garage space in a hilly or sloped area.

Lastly, you must park your vehicle some distance away from the door itself to be able to use it. Which may be challenging to do if your overall garage space is fairly limited.

Sectional Garage Doors

One of the latest technologies in garage doors is the sectional garage door. Similar to the roller garage door, the sectional doors open and close vertically.

This means that they take up little to no space inside or outside the garage. Other than the width of its frame.

Sectional garage doors are gaining popularity in the UK for a number of reasons. These include this type of garage door being very durable in the long run.

As it comes with a protective coating for extreme weather conditions. And additionally come in all sorts of sizes, making them quite versatile in terms of their applications.

These garage doors are also fairly easy to style and design. As there are now several finishes available in the market to match the aesthetic of your home.

You can also customise the door to have windows, lights, and an assortment of other fixtures. To make it more appealing and functional for use.

Making sure your garage is secure

One of the primary advantages of this type of garage door is that it offers the highest level of security. To your space in comparison with other types.

The design of the door is not just good to look at, but also quite stable.

Making sure your space is not vulnerable to theft. Or other human activities that might cause damage and compromise security.

Sectional garage doors can also be automated if required. And can be made using a vast number of materials that are lightweight as well as durable. So for houses that have senior citizens or grandparents. A sectional garage door is a user-friendly option as well.

Professional installed

For example, this type of garage door requires a professional to install it appropriately. After all the process can be a little difficult to manage without proper equipment. This also ensures that there is little to no possibility of a security breach.

Additionally, this type of door can be pricier than the others described. Depending on the material used for installation, whether it requires automation and the addition of other stylistic or functional fixtures.

So there you have it. Finally, here you have four of the most popular styles and types of doors, each with their specifications. In the same way, the benefits and disadvantages to help you decide what type is best for your home.

As a result, you now have enough information about garage doors to make an educated and informed decision on which one is best for your home.

Just remember to follow instructions closely when taking measurements and you are all set!