Garage Doors For Sale Styles

Popular Colours

Made from double sided powder-coated or painted aluminium with high density foam insert for improved insulation.

A strong barrier, highly secure and effective deterrent with built in safety edge and audible alarm.

See our Electric Roller Garage Door Colours

Anthracite Grey Insulated Lath


Beige Insulated Lath


Black Insulated Lath


Blue Insulated Lath


Brown Insulated Lath


Chartwell Green Insulated Lath

Chartwell Green

Cream Insulated Lath


Green Insulated Lath


Ivory Insulated Lath


Light Grey Insulated Lath

Light Grey

Red Insulated Lath


White Insulated Lath


Golden Oak Laminate Lath

Golden Oak Laminate

Painted Gold Oak Lath

Painted Gold Oak

Painted Rosewood Lath

Painted Rosewood

Rosewood Laminate Lath

Rosewood Laminate


Garage Doors For Sale

We are Liftt and one of the South West and Wales most popular garage door suppliers. And we offer a huge selection of options for those looking for the perfect fit for their home.

In our catalogue, you will find the most popular models and the best garage doors for sale in the South West and Wales

If you spend time in the garage, make sure you let the light in. Design your garage door with a window, or take a little more time with your decision. And consider designing your individual garage doors.

You don’t have to be in the garage just to keep your car clean and tidy. Or do you need the space to use it as a playroom for children, workshop, hobby studio or whatever?

Garage Doors Reminders

Remember, if you use the room for other activities. You need to insulate the room and garage doors to keep warm in the winter months.

Aesthetically, the surface of a garage door makes up a significant proportion of the entire exterior area of your home.

The truth is that you can’t put a price on the good feeling you get when you love the way your garage looks.

A garage door can serve as your family’s primary entry point into your home. And you deserve to come home just as much as guests who deserve to be visited at home.

With Liftt, we help you choose between a new or automated garage door. And we offer you the opportunity to get the right information to save you money.

If you need the best information and service. You can rely on the experts of Liftt to give you exactly what you need.

Do not shop with retailers who could sell you sloppy workmanship at a high price. Or retailers who do not offer a free home visit.

Choosing the right selection

Our selection of doors, combined with favourable prices. Makes us your favourite for all your garage door requirements.

Some of the best garage doors offered for sale by Liftt, such as Roller garage doors and automatic garage doors.

Liftt has all the supplies, tools and accessories you need to install a stylish new garage door.

You do not have to take any more time with the purchase, but consider designing an individual garage door.

Remember, if you are using the space for other activities. Has the garage door insulated to keep warm in the winter months? A stylish and secure garage door not only increases the attractiveness of your curb but can also help keep you safe.

If you want to add value to your home with a garage door installation, making it an elegant and automatic garage door.


Make sure you design a new door that you like so that you get the perfect style for your home.

With a wide selection of residential garage doors. There are many possible variations and configurations so that they can be designed specifically for your home.

Before you commit to door design, we encourage you to consider the individualisation features. To see how the door can dramatically change the look and feel of their home, its interior and exterior.

What garage door is right

Choose the perfect door and customise it for more style, safety, and space. And you are guaranteed to get a garage door that you like.

Choose insulated steel, an aluminium model for low maintenance and comfort. A standard garage door can also be found in the section “Products”.

Liftt is a popular option that offers a synthetic wood look garage door.

A favourite of many homeowners in the South West and Wales is the durable modern steel door. To provide the protection you need.

Roller Garage Doors

If you want to get out of the way and be exceptionally strong. Consider a rolling garage door as an alternative to a conventional door.

A rolling garage door consists of steel or aluminium slats that are wound upwards for a compact storage profile.

At Liftt we measure and supply all types of garage doors. Including steel roller doors and aluminium roller doors.

Roller garage doors are available in your area, but also in other parts of the country.

Supplying the highest quality

For many years, Liftt have been supplying our customers with high-quality aluminium roller doors.

Liftt team uses rolling aluminium doors for superior durability, strength and safety. We consider the quality and durability of our roller doors to be the best in the industry.

Please contact us online to arrange a consultation today. Or call us today at 0800 020 9839 or contact Liftt, today to measure your existing garage door.

We also have a range of precision garage door options in white and many other colour options as well as black and white.

They are suitable for both residential and commercial use and you can book online at, and book a free quotation.

Each of them has been carefully tested and works quietly and smoothly, with a high level of quality as well as the highest durability.

Roller Garage Doors For Sale

Roller garage door models offer value and quality with a light, highly attractive door. When a project requires a roller door that is as durable as it is handsome and versatile, the choice is easy.

The task becomes even easier when the most important considerations are the durability, durability of the door or the quality of its components.

Roller doors (also known as roller garage doors) are the most popular type of garage doors in the UK and one of the best available.

They are extremely durable and will last for years. And they are available in both insulated and non-insulated formats.

Heavy Duty Steel Garage Doors For Sale

Heavy-duty aluminium rollers save you more in the long run. As you spend less on service and maintenance.

Aluminium roller garage doors also have mounting advantages, which make them a good choice for heavy garage roller doors, and they are also more durable than sectional doors.

If you are looking for the best garage door in your area You are in the right place at the right time due to the availability of roller garage doors.

Find out more about garage doors for sale

Read on to learn more about the difference between sectional and roller doors. And if you’re looking for a new garage door. Have a look at our free garage door and roller door design visit.

Roller garage doors are the most common type of roller doors on the market nowadays. Second most popular is sectional garage doors. Therefore, fill in this form now to replace your old door.

In contrast to a garage roller door, sectional doors are designed to open upwards by being pushed against the garage ceiling.

Unlike barn doors, which are limited to wood options, you will find a variety of garage doors made of galvanised steel on both sides.

These doors are well insulated and can be used to convert garage space into work areas, offices or playrooms.

Sectional garage doors are often used in homes, but there are also commercial applications designed for them.

They are made of galvanised steel, which typically consists of six to eight plates that slide over the head when the door is opened.

Garage doors can also be used for businesses that need to stay safe and closed, as they are typically made of corrugated steel, which makes them more impact resistant.

A rolling garage door uses a spring rolling mechanism, which is used to roll and unroll the door and to open and close the doors.

One of the main advantages

One of the biggest advantages that roller garage doors have over high and underground garage doors is the use of space.

Sectional garage doors require a roof space in which the open door is stored, which can limit the roof storage surface.

This also makes it difficult to store large objects on the wall where the door will tilt.

The door consists of a hinge part that retracts upwards and then wraps around a cylindrical drum, similar to a roller shutter door.

Garage door roll sizes

The average roll size is between 300 – 400mm in diameter, although it may be larger depending on the mounting position within the garage.

Most roller shutters are manufactured to the exact specifications. And dimensions that need to be fitted into the front opening.

Garage roller shutters can be available in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium insulating aluminium, wood or even steel.