Electric Shutter Doors: The Ultimate Guide

Electric shutter doors are gaining popularity in residential and commercial properties due to their convenience, enhanced security, and energy efficiency. These automated doors offer numerous benefits, making them a worthy investment.

This comprehensive guide will explore various aspects of electric shutter doors, including their types, benefits, costs, and tips for selecting the right one for your needs.

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Electric Shutter Door

What is an Electric Shutter Door?

Electric shutter doors are automated rolling shutters that provide superior protection and ease of use. They can be operated with a remote control, switch, or even integrated into a smart home system and are ideal for securing garages, warehouses, and commercial properties. We’ll explore the different types of electric shutter doors available in the UK market and their benefits.

Types of Electric Shutter Doors

1. Insulated Electric Shutter Doors

Insulated electric shutter doors are designed for thermal efficiency and noise reduction. Made from double-skinned aluminium profiles with a polyurethane core, these doors are perfect for areas where temperature control is crucial, such as garages or commercial properties.

2. High-Speed Electric Shutter Doors

High-speed electric shutter doors are ideal for environments requiring frequent access. These doors open and close quickly, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced productivity, making them a staple in warehouses, factories, and logistics centres.

3. Security Electric Shutter Doors

Security electric shutter doors are built to withstand forced entry attempts and protect your property. Constructed from robust materials like steel or reinforced aluminium, they can be equipped with additional security features such as anti-lift locking systems.

4. Fire-Rated Electric Shutter Doors

Fire-rated electric shutter doors provide fire resistance, and help contain fires that spread within a building. These doors are essential for ensuring safety in a fire emergency and are typically used in commercial and industrial settings.

Benefits of Electric Shutter Doors

1. Enhanced Security

Electric shutter doors offer high security, making them an excellent choice for protecting valuable assets. The robust construction and advanced locking mechanisms deter intruders, providing peace of mind.

2. Convenience

These doors are incredibly convenient because they operate electrically. They can be easily operated with a remote control or integrated into your smart home system, and they offer automated operation for added ease.

3. Energy Efficiency

Insulated electric shutter doors help maintain indoor temperatures, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. They are particularly beneficial for properties with heating or cooling systems.

4. Noise Reduction

The insulation in these doors also provides excellent soundproofing, which is ideal for properties located in noisy areas.

Prices of Electric Shutter Doors in the UK

The cost of electric shutter doors varies based on several factors, including the door type, materials used, and additional features. Here’s a general price range for different types of electric shutter doors in the UK:

  • Basic Electric Shutter Doors: Prices start from £500 to £1,000. These doors offer basic security and convenience features.
  • Insulated Electric Shutter Doors: Typically cost between £700 and £1,500, depending on the level of insulation and size.
  • High-Speed Electric Shutter Doors: They cost between £ 1,200 and £2,500 and are designed for frequent use and fast operation.
  • Security Electric Shutter Doors: For enhanced security, these doors cost between £1,000 and £2,000, with additional costs for advanced locking systems.
  • Fire-rated electric Shutter Doors Range from £1,500 to £3,000, depending on the fire rating and size.

Choosing the Right Electric Shutter Door

When selecting an electric shutter door, consider the following factors to ensure you make the right choice:

1. Purpose

Determine the primary purpose of the door. Is it for security, insulation, or frequent access? This will help narrow down your options.

2. Material

Consider the door material. Aluminium is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, while steel offers higher security but is heavier.

3. Size

Measure the opening accurately to ensure the door fits perfectly. Custom-sized doors are available for unique requirements.

4. Features

Look for additional features such as remote control operation, smart integration, and advanced locking systems.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial for the longevity and performance of your electric shutter door.

1. Professional Installation

It is advisable to have your electric shutter door professionally installed. This ensures correct fitting and alignment, vital for the door’s smooth operation and security.

2. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential, including lubricating moving parts, checking the alignment, and ensuring the electrical components function correctly. Scheduled maintenance helps in the early detection of potential issues, ensuring the door operates efficiently for a long time.

Enhancing Your Property with Electric Shutter Doors

Electric shutter doors not only enhance security and convenience but also add a modern touch to your property. Whether for residential or commercial use, they offer a sleek and professional appearance, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal.

1. Customization Options

Many electric shutter doors can be customized to match your property’s exterior. You can choose various colours, finishes, and designs to complement your property’s style.

2. Smart Home Integration

Integrating your electric shutter door with your smart home system allows for advanced features such as remote monitoring and control, scheduled opening and closing, and integration with other smart devices for enhanced security and convenience.


Electric shutter doors are a practical and efficient solution for enhancing security, convenience, and energy efficiency. With various types and features available, you can find the perfect door to suit your needs. Investing in an electric shutter door provides long-term benefits and peace of mind for residential and commercial properties.

Understanding the different types and benefits of electric shutter doors allows you to make an informed decision that will serve you well for years.

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