How Much is an Electric Garage Door: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you contemplating upgrading to an electric garage door? It’s a smart move, offering both convenience and enhanced security. But how much is an electric garage door in the UK?

In this article, we’ll explore the costs of electric garage doors in the UK, from purchase to installation.

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How Much is an Electric Garage Door

Types of Electric Garage Doors and Their Costs

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up-and-over doors are a popular and cost-effective choice. They consist of a single solid panel that lifts and slides into the garage ceiling. Here’s a breakdown of what you might expect to pay:

  • Steel: £500 – £700
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic): Around £1,000
  • Timber: £1,500

Steel options are the most affordable, while timber doors, though more expensive, add a premium aesthetic touch.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors are excellent for saving space as they roll into a compact drum above the garage opening. Here are the typical costs:

  • Steel: £1,100
  • Aluminium: £1,400 – £3,500

Aluminium doors are pricier but offer better insulation and sleek design.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors consist of several horizontal panels that slide up and rest parallel to the garage ceiling, providing excellent insulation and security:

  • Steel: £1,000
  • Insulated Steel: £1,500
  • Timber: £5,500 – £6,500

Timber sectional doors are the costliest, reflecting superior insulation and aesthetic appeal.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged doors operate like traditional doors, swinging open to the sides. They are ideal for garages that are also used for storage or workshops:

  • Steel: £1,250
  • GRP: £3,500 – £4,000
  • Timber: £3,500 – £8,000

These doors are convenient but require sufficient outside space to open fully.

Round the Corner Garage Doors

These doors slide around the side of the garage, maximizing overhead space. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

  • Steel: £4,200 – £5,000
  • Aluminium: £4,600 – £5,900
  • Timber: £14,000 – £19,400

Round-the-corner doors are premium options, especially in timber, due to their complex mechanisms and high-quality materials.

Installation and Additional Costs

Installation Costs

Depending on the complexity and size of the door, installing an electric garage door can cost between £350 and £650. Removing an old door may add another £100 to £150.

Operating Costs

Electric garage doors are energy-efficient, typically using about 44 to 70 kWh annually, which adds a small amount to your electricity bill.

Benefits of Electric Garage Doors

Ease of Use

Electric garage doors offer unmatched convenience. Imagine opening your garage door with a remote from the comfort of your car, especially during bad weather. No more struggling with manual doors!

Enhanced Security

These doors provide superior security features, making it harder for intruders to gain access. The electric mechanism ensures the door stays locked until you activate it.


Automated opening and closing reduce the wear and tear associated with manual operation, potentially extending the lifespan of your garage door.

Key Considerations When Choosing an Electric Garage Door


The material of your garage door affects both cost and performance. Steel doors are durable and cost-effective, while timber doors offer a premium look and better insulation at a higher price.


The size of the garage door is a significant factor in the overall cost. Larger doors or those designed for double garages will naturally be more expensive.


Additional features like insulation, custom paint jobs, and advanced remote control systems can add to the cost and improve the door’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Investing in an electric garage door is a decision that brings convenience, security, and a touch of modernity to your home. With prices ranging from £1,000 to over £7,000, choosing a door that fits your needs and budget is crucial. Consider the type, material, and additional features carefully to make the best choice.

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How Much is an Electric Garage Door